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Looks like more and more blogs and even sites are beginning to pop up on google with the news of jaqueline and chris laurita’s fraud and embezzlement accusations….of course the lauritas have no comment because they are too busy commenting on teresa guidice.

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So has anyone llistened to this song yet? If you haven’t an need a good laugh then listen to it. The song is awful. Just awful. Another song over done with repeating lyrics and way over done with auto tune. its not catchy and not something you will hear being requested any time soon. Rumor also has it that joe gorga an her bitch sisters buy melissa gorgas songs by the hundreds from itunes. Melissa gorga who is in her 30s is convinced she is the next pop star..the next j-lo. She even has gone so far as to take photos in exact mirror copy of j-lo’s photos. Melissa is forgetting one huge difference tho. J-lo can sing and j-lo had p-diddy and many others helping her. Melissa has joe gorga. Its being reported that she’s never home anymore. Shhe is busy partying in clubs while her sister babysits. Didn’t melissa throw a dig at teresa for having her mom babysit her own grandchildren instead of having a nanny? Looks like melissa the hypocrite has one set of rules for herself and another for teresa. Melissa tried very hard to give herself the image of victim. Poor victim of teresa…but the viewers saw right thru the fakeness. She doesn’t want teresa and joe to mend their relationship. She doesn’t care one bit about joe’s family. She doesn’t care that joe is distant from his own parents. She likes it this way. She is a manipulative bitch…a selfish bitch to be exact. Recently she claimed teresa should leave the show..of course teresa won’t and melissa better kiss her ass with thanks. Because without teresa there is no season 5. And without season 5 melissa’s 15 minutes of fame are up.

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Jaqueline Laurita usually saves her rage filled rants for her twitter account. The tweets that pop up with personal insults thrown at teresa usually in the evening as she chugs a couple bottles of wine. The drunk tweets have been happening for over a year now…and at the reunion she used andy cohens stage as tho it were her personal twitter world throwing insult after insult out at teresa…yelling that she hopes juicy joe goes to jail..that teresa caught joe having sex in his office…that teresa set her sister in law up over strippergate..and many more. Apparentally jaquelines marriage isn’t filled with wedded bliss as she wants the viewer to believe. Rumor has it that chris laurita has had affairs and is why she has such a short leash on him. Jaqueline knows all about affairs apparentally. Chris was actually engaged to another women when jaqueline convienantly got pregnant wit chris’s child. She was having a sexual affair with a man who was only a few feet from the alter. Perhaps jaqueline knows that if he will cheat with you HE WILL CHEAT ON YOU! I think jaqueline is jealous of teresa. I truly do. True friends do not treat friends the way she has treated teresa. Jaqueline has some serious issues. The first two seasons she portrayed herself as the sweet innocent girl next door..season 3 and definitely 4 we saw the real jaqueline emerge. A very spiteful, vindictive and manipultive person. A person who claims to have mental break downs…family even talks of her break downs and how they worry for her an how she was in a bad place. Its not normal how she behaves. The ending of a friendship for no logical reason. She has yet to give a reason for turning on teresa. Watch her behavior in the hot tub episode and at the reunion. Grown women with children don’t pretend to be asleep the way she did. And the reunion! She was putting her head down on the arm of the couch..laying back..yawning and pretending to snooze. The head on the arm of the couch said more than anything that something is seriously wrong with her. The maturity level is very low. Look at how she interacts with her daughter ashley. Is this a mother and woman in control? No. Jaqueline appears to be guilty of everything she has accused teresa of. Including financial problems. The big difference tho? Teresa spent her own money…was stupid with her own money. Jaqueline is being accused of fraud and embezzlement..spending money that wasn’t hers. Taking a hundred thousand dollars from a breast cancer foundation..that’s right. Her and chris kept donations meant for a cancer foundation. Jaqueline has a lot of growing up to do. And at her age its not going to happen. Teresa will continue to be successful and jaqueline will continue to be a jealous and vindictive bitch. Who possibly has comitted crimes along with her husband to keep up her lavish lifestyle. Isn’t that what caroline manzo accused teresa of? That poor joe was forced to give teresa a lifestyle they couldn’t afford? Here its her own brother and sister in law doing whatever they can, legal and possibly illegal as well to keep up with their lavish lifestyle. Funny bravo never airs any of their personal laundry. Its only teresa. Well season 5 is rumored to be much different with two biased producers gone. And I for one can’t wait.


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When asked by AllAboutTRH on October 10, 2012 if Caroline Manzo told her that Jacqueline Laurita was a stripper, Teresa Giudice said: “Yes she did. Caroline has told me many things about Jacqueline. Caroline used to even tell me that Jacqueline doesn’t take care of her kids. When CJ was born and growing up, Caroline told me Jacqueline was really into herself, into working out and was basically more into herself then she was her child. Caroline used to complain that Jacqueline never cooked and thought she was a horrible mother. (Video from Reunion 4 Part 3)

Danielle Staub Claims That Jacqueline Laurita was a Stripper in Las Vegas and That She Broke Up Chris Laurita’s Engagement to Dina’s Friend ‘Jen’

Danielle called Jacqueline a “Vegas whore” during the reunion special for season 2. After the reunion for season 3 aired in October 2011, Danielle tweeted (see tweets…

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it amazes me that jaqueline laurita rages at juci and teresa claimig juicy should go to jail and yet her very own husband has one foot in jail and the other on a pile of stolen money…its called fraud and embezzlement! Jaqueline has to be the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever seen…makes sense why sshe is coming out now with the news that her son is autistic…she is hoping for the sympathy card. She found out about her son over a year ago…certainly during filming of season 4 and she never made even a mention of her son. While at the same time she’s demanding teresa tell her all of their personal business and not just to her but on national tv. She has made issue with teresa supposedly using tabloids and yet who did jaqueline run to when she wanted her sons story out? THE TABLOIDS. She didn’t believe teresa when she said she didn’t get paid but wants everyone to believe SHE HERSELF DIDN’T GET PAID. The hypocrisy amazes me! Chris claims they were going thru a lot last year and now we see why. I hope there is a full investigation into jaqueline and chris laurita….. I wonder if she feels her own husband should be in jail for fraud and embezzlement. Its funny how they all threw digs at teresa claiming they pay their bills and tre doesn’t (jaq and melissa gorga) but here they are BROKE and stealing money to keep up with the jones’ and living in spec houses. Teresa withdrew her personal bankruptcy and started paying her debtors and jaqueline and her husband are running from theirs! Shame on the lauritas…there’s not much worse than a thief!


“Everyone likes to have nice things, but I’m not one to brag about it.” – Jacqueline Laurita, RHONJ Season 1 & 2 Tagline

“I had heard that Joe was saying things that discredit my reputation as a businessman. I was furious, because if there’s one thing I’m not, it’s shady.” – Chris Laurita, Season 4 Episode

UPDATE 3/4/2015: Below is an excerpt from the Memorandum Opinion for two motions before the court. Click here to read the entire motion, which includes background, cover-up, and procedural history of the case.

Laurita Bankruptcy March 4, 2015

Counts I and II: Fraud and Negligent Misrepresentation

Counts III and IV: Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Aiding and Abetting Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Count V: Conspiracy

Counts VI and VII: Breach of Contract and Tortious Interference with Contract

Count VIII: Conversion

Count IX: Unjust Enrichment

On March 4, 2015, the Court entered its Memorandum Opinion (A) Granting in Part and…

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The infamous anonymous posts from Melissa before season 1!

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Teresa on radio in NJ for interview, very good interview! 6/7/2012

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